8th November 2017 – Albert’s Shed

We hosted a charity festival!

On the 8th November we hosted a successful charity gig with six incredible acts across the whole evening! We managed to get over 170 people through the door – which for a first attempt, we think is pretty good! All in all, we managed to raise £424.35 for the Hospice! Plans for the next charity event are already in progress, and we’re aiming to be bigger and better than ever! 

If you were unable to attend but still wish to donate to the Severn Hospice you can do so -> HERE

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"Severn Hospice gives specialist care and support free of charge to families across Shropshire and Mid Wales who are living with an incurable illness."

The story

“Over two years ago, my Granddad was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately he didn’t receive the best treatment and care when in the hospital, at which point he was transferred to the Severn Hospice to be looked after during his last few days. The immense care they showed to both him and us, his family, meant an awful lot to us and since this we have done everything we can to support the Severn Hospice. My dad hosts an annual classic car show in Shrewsbury and has already raised nearly over £5000 for the Severn Hospice in total. I am looking to add to this so that the Severn Hospice can successfully support other families in the future who may be faced with the same circumstances that we found ourselves in.

      It would therefore mean a lot to me if you could attend my event being hosted at Albert’s Shed and gave a small amount of money to support the cause.            – Ross Carley.”