10th May 2018 – The Sunflower Lounge

10th May 2018 - The Sunflower Lounge

With everyone’s support we raised a phenomenal £617.78 for the Severn Hospice. Thank you to the bands for playing and the incredible audience for coming along to support the cause.

This £617.78 added to the initial £424.35 raised at our first ever charity gig back on the 8th November in Shrewsbury means we’ve raised a grand total of £1042.13 for the Hospice. I am extremely grateful for everyone’s support on this journey. Not only have you enjoyed great music, discovered new artists and consumed lots of alcohol but you’ve helped support families who have family members suffering incurable illnesses that need care.

Once again, thank you. I am truly humbled to have shared this experience with everyone.

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