Sugarthief at the Sunflower Lounge 25/07/17

Photo courtesy of Mitch Brooks

These boys managed to pack out the venue, with a capacity of 110, selling over 140 tickets and they did not disappoint.

Speaking to lead guitarist, Jack James, before the show he seemed nervous to get the crowd going and didn’t want to come off too cheesy. Nevertheless, after a brief intro he filled the room shouting “Are we ready, Birmingham!” and within seconds he had the whole place bouncing. Kicking off the set with their latest single ‘When Did it All go so Wrong’, their fans were echoing the catchy riff, played by bassist – Luke Owen, and singing along to every word.

Once they had the crowd vibrant and ecstatic they shared their new single ‘Provide’ which they are releasing this Friday (28th). Despite being unreleased, loyal fans were singing along to every word which exemplifies just how popular these guys are on the Birmingham gig scene.

Of course they also played ‘New Ends’ which was the first single they ever released as a band, filled with a catchy drum beat and an electrifying rhythm, supported by amazing vocals by front-man, Jordi James. As well as ‘New Ends’, the setlist featured their signature tune ‘Crowing Youth’ that had everyone singing along to the intoxicating chorus.

Halfway through their set they premiered a new track called ‘Modern Man’ which had an incredible response from the crowd, suggesting nothing but positivity for the future of the single.

Nearing the end of the set Jack took time out to explain how the band have a tradition at every gig of playing a song with historical significance. He went on to say how on the day “sometime in the 60’s” The Beatles and The Rolling Stones amongst other artists all signed a petition to legalise marijuana and so they played a song by the legendary Bob Dylan, ‘Rainy Days Women #12 & 35’.  If Bob Dylan himself was there he would commend Sugarthief on their incredible rendition of a classic, further supported by an incredible drum solo by Reece Downton. I personally feel that this tradition is something they will carry through into the future of the band as it is crucial to their individuality as a band and they do it so, so well.

Now how do you end such an amazing set? Well they managed it. Ending on a high with their hit single ‘Joy Affair’ that’s received immense praise and amassed nearly 20,000 listens on Spotify. The room was alive and chanting along to the chorus as though they, themselves, were Sugarthief. There was so much energy, I couldn’t think of a better way to end the set.

After the show the boys were swarmed by fans at the merch stand asking for pictures and autographs which they provided gratuitously, earning massive respect from those around them. I, myself, came away from the show with a new CD and some pin badges to represent the band.

The Sugarthief boys play Y Not Festival this Friday on the main stage alongside acts such as Sundara Karma and The Vaccines. They’re also playing at Kendal Calling this Saturday on the Woodland stage. If you’re there I fully recommend you head down to see them play.

Check out their latest single ‘When Did It All Go So Wrong’ below.

By Ross Carley.

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