My album of the week – Declan McKenna’s – What Do You Think About The Car? 

Dec released this masterpiece on the 21st July and I was immediately captivated by every song. I had high expectations after discovering Declan’s music around two years ago and being a fan ever since.

The album kicks off with Humongous that features a sample of an old family video that nicely introduces the whole album and reasoning for the album name. As for the song itself, the cross between slow acoustic verses, upbeat chorus and a sporadic guitar solo perfectly forms together into an eccentric masterpiece to kicks off Dec’s debut LP.

Following this are two highly acclaimed tracks, Brazil and The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home. Brazil was the first song of Declan’s I ever heard back in 2015 that instantly grabbed my attention, resulting in me playing it on repeat for my entire summer holiday. As for The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home, this was released as a single back in early January and I feel it perfectly captures the resistance of youth culture in a highly emotive fashion.

Mind is the first of many brand new tracks to feature on the album which rightly captures his eclecticism and transgressive style. An intoxicating riff and second-to-none vocals make Mind my favourite track of the entire album.

Photo by me at the the O2 Institute3 24/05/17

Make Me Your Queen is a much more passionate and emotional track than some of the other, more upbeat tracks. Powerful vocals on the chorus denotes a lot of meaning behind this track.

Leading on from these two is the instantly recognisable single Isombard. A song that features on almost every playlist I make due to its incredibly catchy beat and lyricism. I feel this song really strikes a chord with me, personally, and my lively nature as it may do with many others.

Similarly, his new track I Am Everyone Else has the same feel to it as Isombard with great lyricism that you can’t help but sing along to combined with a unique riff. Declan remarkably manages to maintain a recurring theme throughout his work whilst still making each individual song stand out in its own unique way.

The classic single, Bethlehem, proceeds as a personal favourite of mine. With a much calmer beat, the song allows Dec to really show off his unique vocal talent.

Nearing the end of the album Declan nicely contrasted two very different tracks which I feel perfectly displays his musical range as an artist. Why Do You Feel So Down and Paracetamol. WDYFSD is his typical catchy, indie-pop-rock banger that has you wondering how you can feel so down with songs like this around. Contrasted with Paracetamol, a further transgressive and emotive track that tackles social expectations forced onto youth in today’s society and the harsh issues that people in the LGBT community face.

Lastly and certainly not least, he sweetly rounds up the album with a new song, Listen To Your Friends, which leaves you feeling nostalgic and warm inside. The song also takes a turn halfway through with a powerful monologue against contemporary issues. The perfect song to end an incredible album.

By Ross Carley. 

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