Dolly & the Dinosaur – exclusive interview 

Tom Priestley, pictured below (far left), took time to answer a few questions on behalf of this upcoming four-piece from Reading. 

Firstly, how did you think up the name Dolly & the Dinosaur? It certainly stands out against more generic band names. 

“Thanks for having us dudes, I think the name was a fusion of a few things, we always liked the idea of dinosaur being in there somehow, but if I’m perfectly honest I think it came from a peppa pig episode Rohan’s (drums) sister was watching” 
Who do you look to for inspiration when writing new music?

Depends who is writing, most stem from a riff that one of us comes up with, cause we can all play a bit of guitar, which is very nifty. We then just jam it out and add in various parts, just getting every single as finished as possible, they gotta bang live.
Would you consider your work reflective of past experiences or are you always looking forward in your work? 

“Our music is just about making people feel mega, whether it’s lyrics, riffs or fills. But I guess we look back on the past to try and look forward and help people do so too.” 

Tell us a bit about your new music!

“So right now we’ve just got these crappy soundcloud demos, but we’ve just finished mixing some singles to be released on the big ones soon. And indigo child, the newbie is a jam we absolutely love. It still needs work but is probably one of the toughest pieces we’ve written, there is some freaky rhythmic stuff going on.”

How did the band come together? 

“Adam and Ro have been jamming for quite a while I think, and I mutually knew the guys through friends, and put up a pic of my guitar on instagram when I was about 14, and Rohan messaged me about it. Then a year later the two boys were looking for a bassist asked me and that was the 3. That year I joined their school for sixth form and in about October we decided we needed a second guitarist. So I asked Ben, a mate from my old school if he’d do it and it just completed us, we’re loads tighter sounding now and its such a close, nice group.”

Finally, do you have much planned for the foreseeable future with regards to gigs, tours or merch? 

“Future for now is just plugging these singles, keep writing, recording, gigging, just trying not to let the momentum slip. It’s a crowded market, but we reckon we can offer something current yet different, so touch wood we’ll get somewhere.” 

And they’re not wrong about offering something different. Don’t just take my word for it, let the music speak for itself:



Ross Carley

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