Modern Comforts’ new single “Easy Tiger” and band interview.

If you haven’t heard of a band called “Modern Comforts“, then you could be forgiven as they are a relatively new band that dropped their debut single “Easy Tiger” late last year, signing onto Sound-Hub Studios. At first listening to this song, I started to get a vibe of the indie bands such as Coasts and Viola Beach, especially through the catchy riffs from the lead-guitar and bass. However, after hearing the voice and a heavier side to the music, this band is anything but ambient. The lead singer’s voice is raspy but complements the music in a way which is similar to artists like Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters and even Alex Turner with the Arctic Monkeys from the album “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not“.

Click below to listen to their debut single, which shows a promising future for the band:

After listening to the single a few times we wanted to catch-up with the band and ask a few questions related to the single and what they hope the future holds for the band. The concept of Easy Tiger the band told us: “Easy Tiger is about a girl who becomes obsessive over a lad, and actually won’t leave him alone”. They went on to say “It’s actually based on a true story being told about one of the band members!”. In three words, they summed up the single as “Raw. Loud. Heavy.”

This band may not be for all indie fans, however, this blog covers the indie and rock scene and although the heavier single starts to put itself into the rock genre, we love it just as much.

The band are also set to be performing as an act the Wilkestock charity music festival at the beginning of September, amongst bands that are both big and small in the indie // rock scene. We asked the band how the opportunity for them to play at this festival arose and what bands they would want to play alongside with potentially at the festival. To which they said:

“We saw the festival advertised on Facebook through Razorlight as we follow them on social media, so when we explored further we saw that they were allowing bands to apply! We sent over a copy of our single and then confirmed we could play this year”.

They continued to go on and say: “We are super excited about Wilkestock, playing with people like Razorlight & Carl Barat, bands that are like our very first influences in music! Out of all the bands at Wilkestock we’re really looking forward to VANT. We feel our music is very similar to them and we’re huge fans!”.

Our final question to Modern Comforts was if they were to be releasing any new singles or musical material soon? This question came from a number of bands delaying their new singles and just playing them at gigs/festivals such as VIDA.

“We do have new material coming out, we have just finished recording our debut album last week, which we are planning to release around Christmas / New Year. This album will be released on Spotify, iTunes and a number of different platforms. We will be showcasing our new material at all the upcoming festivals and gigs we have lined up”.

If you’re available between the 1-3 September 2017, I would strongly recommend going to see this and as for the band, watch out for them as we suspect they have the potential to go far.

Go give them a follow on their social media:

Cameron Smith.



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