Milk ‘n’ Honey – exclusive interview with the American rock group

Despite being fresh on the blogging scene, some bands have been kind enough to answer brief interviews for us – allowing us to test the waters and find what works and what doesn’t. 

Recently, we popped some questions across the pond to Milk ‘n’ Honey, a melodic, rock four-piece from North Carolina. Upon discovering their music, the first thing that became apparent to me was that their music is nothing like anything here on the UK indie rock scene. So, I was overjoyed that they were open to answer our questions.

So we kicked off with a rather standard question:

When did you guys first form as a band and more importantly where did the idea for your band name come from?

“As we recall, the band officially formed in October 2015. Clai (vocals) and Brian stumbled across each other’s talent during each of their respective late-night escapades. Brian (lead guitarist) saw Clai’s style and admired his originality. Ryan, bass man, found Clai wandering the streets in uptown Charlotte, NC. The two guys made awkward eye contact and without a word spoken, Ryan joined the band. We knew we needed a drummer. The thing about drummers is: they flake. Right when you think you’ve got the spiciest percussion, they can’t or won’t play a gig. After our first EP release “Gone” we were blessed to have our new producer, Chabon, reach out to us about recording. Ryan was a little skeptical, as him and Chabon share the same first name. Once Ryan got over himself, the band played some tunes with Chabon and set out to record. Seeing the energy and funk Chabon brought, he became the nectar to the flower. 

The name? Ryan is a big honey guy. Honey wheat, honey barbecue, even straight honey. Ryan also holds the non-regional record for fastest half-gallon of milk chug. It took the keen eye of Clai to put the two together.”

I later found out the non-regional record is 1 half gallon in 47.22 seconds with the condition that it must be consumed from a glass jug. 

Where do your inspirations come from when making your music?

“The band often draws inspiration from the sound of silence. Not Simon and Garfunkel, but the literal sound of nothing. We take week long vows to clear out all preconceptions about music by sitting in silence nearly the whole day, only coming out at night when it’s more quiet. After the cleanse of musical information our draw comes from within.”

Are you planning to release anymore singles or such in the upcoming months? Have you announced any tour dates?

“Tour dates, you bet. Singles… More like pringles: crispy. We’ve got some sweet shows coming up this week in Durham, Raleigh, Greensboro and Boone, North Carolina. You can check all our tour dates on the website (featured below). Be on the look out for a new single next month.”

In terms of genre, what would you class yourselves as? 

“Melodic, passive-aggressive, slightly-agitated, sweet as can be, bluesy funk, alternative, indie rock.”


Do you have your own merch? Can you link us to the website.

“You bet some fresh milk we do. is our official website with links to all our music and social media. As for merch we’ve got shirts, bags, cups, stickers, and even honey sticks. Insider secret: If you ask him personally, Brian will send you a selfie for free.”

As I was reaching out to an American band I felt compelled to side step shortly and in the interest of ‘Peace’, I asked them about the latest news of the white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville. 

The news is shocking; it upsets us to see how polarized our country’s political attitudes are. It’s disappointing that some people are fueled by hate. Going forward we hope this tragedy serves a message to those who doubt racism is still alive in America.”

Finally, do you feel your music can be used to provide any message of peace and if so, in what way?

“We try to make our shows as inclusive as possible, we feel that our music can affect anyone and bring people from a variety of backgrounds together.”

I personally, feel this is very important in such harsh times. It’s so nice to see bands using the music industry to promote solidarity when there are those demanding segregation.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak to these guys. Incredible music and incredible attitudes.

You can check out their latest EP on Spotify HERE

Ross Carley. 

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