The Sherlocks’ in-store acoustic set, Manchester Arndale (21/08/2017)

The Sherlocks, an indie four-piece from South Yorkshire have been running a string of acoustic in-store shows to promote their debut album. Having already performed in Kingston, Sheffield and Leeds, I headed up North to see their Manchester show.

After purchasing the debut album, Live For The Moment, I stood in line waiting to head up. As I waited the queue slowly grew larger and larger behind me, leaving no doubt in my mind that the store would soon reach capacity.

I was right. The boys had an amazing turnout for their acoustic set.

They kicked off with the hit single ‘Last Night‘ which had the crowd bouncing and singing along in an instant. Followed shortly by ‘Escapade‘, definitely no loss of momentum. Providing banger after banger, they continue this tradition with their highly regarded single ‘Will You Be There?’. I personally feel that this is a song which really shows the extent of lead singer, Kiaran’s, vocalism.

Lead Singer, Kiaran Crook

Following this they premiered a new track off their album, ‘Nobody Knows‘. A ballad just as anthemic as any other they have to offer. 

Now, how do you lead on from three classic singles and an incredible love song? With your most recent single, ‘Blue‘, of course. We recently reviewed this single which you can read here.

Their next song, ‘Motions‘, may have less listens on Spotify, but the song was well-received nonetheless by the crowd. 

‘Somebody get me a rum’

This uplifting melody rung true amongst the crowd and appeared to hit the hearts of everyone present. Motions is undeniably in need of greater recognition, which I’m sure will be made to happen after these promotional shows and facing their upcoming tour in September.

The Sherlocks rounded off the show in style and ended on a high. Their penultimate track was the highly acclaimed ‘Live For The Moment‘, as shown above in the video clip. The song was shortly brought to an abrupt stop due to some kids in the crowd causing trouble. However, this didn’t knock the lads and they continued to play to their heart’s content, once the kids were escorted out. 

Last but certainly not least, ‘Chasing Shadows‘. The energy was vibrant from both the crowd and the band throughout the entirety of the song. A perfect way to end a brilliant set.

Once the set was wrapped up, the band headed over to a table where they gratuitously proceeded to sign everyone’s albums and take pictures with fans. I feel this marks the sign of a band that isn’t even aware of its true potential. Arena-sized songs played on the top floor of a HMV store, and it’s all for the fans.

Cheers for a great show lads.

Ross Carley

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