Bedroom / Boredom, an exclusive interview with a twist

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Prior to the release of their latest album ‘Reefs’, we got in touch with six-piece, Bedroom / Boredom. We kicked off our interview with a rather unorthodox set of questions. We set out to play a game of ‘Would You Rather?’ – song edition. This is a game we’ve recently developed at Peace and Indiependence and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. We incorporate the band’s song titles into ‘would you rather’ questions, it’s as simple as that.

Would you rather eat an entire lemon or a random pill?

Dan (lead vocals): I’d rather eat an entire lemon

Would you rather have breakfast in bed or sex hair?

Dan: Breakfast in bed

Finally, would you rather have breakfast in bed or find a ghost in your bed?

Dan: Ghost in the bed

We then took time to ask them a bit about the new EP, ‘Reefs‘.

How is your new album going to differ from your last?

Jack (guitar): The new EP takes inspiration from a couple of new places, mainly psychedelic rock. It also has way more effects than we used in the last EP -more reverbs, more delays, more chorus; ‘Plastic’ even has a synth in it. So, we’ve developed our sound a little bit. This EP was also (mostly) recorded by us, but we’ve learned stuff to make more professional sounding tracks.

Something that really drew me to this band was the uniqueness of the album art for their debut album, ‘I Wouldn’t Worry’ (as shown above). So, I took a bit of time to ask them what the inspiration was behind the art.

Luke (saxophonist): The album art work was created to be relevant to us as a band, yet remain simple enough to allow the music to breathe and speak for itself. The straightforward yet effective approach we took echoes some elements of songs on the EP in its elegance. For instance, with the iconic ‘ba ba ba major seven’ arpeggio played by the bass in ‘Lemon’. The choice of subject for the instrument portrayed was a simple one given the number of guitarists we have in the band. 

What would you say is the most memorable moment as a band?

Max (bassist): Mark turned up to a practice and realised he’d left his cymbals at the side of a road after a gig the night before.

Despite your most recent album release, is there anything for us to look forward to in the future?

Ben (guitar): We will be promoting Reefs with a couple of gigs in September; Always The Sun festival in Guildford on the 9th and Hoxton Square bar on the 14th. In October we have a live BBC radio introducing session on the 7th. We’re planning to do a some music videos for a couple of the tracks on the EP too. We also want to record some live acoustic tracks for Youtube and possibly CD/Download. We are also hoping to get up North within the next few months – possibly Manchester.

Would you ever want to do a collaboration song or album? And if so, which artist would you choose?

Max: We’d want to collaborate with Everything Everything, or Kurrupt FM.

Finally, is there any more band merch soon to be added to the store that we can look forward to?

Mark (drums): We’re working on a new t-shirt design that should be available soon, so keep an eye out for that.

You can order their new album Reefs, here.

Or check out their latest music video below.

Twitter: @Bedroom_Boredom

Instagram: bedroom_boredom



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