VIDA: Our exclusive interview with the band.

As our blog starts to kick off properly and become more noticed by people, it means we are able to get in contact with bands from mainly the Indie scene. This week we were lucky enough to contact ‘Vida’ – a new upcoming band that we strongly believe to be undiscovered by the Indie scene. They have a strong influence from 90s bands such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, Ocean Colour Scene and The Verve mixed with some modern day indie bands which we talk about later in this article. If you haven’t listened to their music yet and like any of those bands; please go give it listen here or go click the video below. You won’t regret it.

One of the first questions that we wanted to ask Vida was quite a generalised question and it was about how did they get their band name? Vida in Spanish translates to ‘Lifetime’, so we thought maybe that would have been where the band’s name originated from, but actually, this was what they told us:

“The name Vida was drawn out of a hat, we were strung between Vida and Nylon Circus. However, we’re glad we got the luck of the draw because we googled Nylon Circus and it ended up being a Porno!”

Something we were very keen on understanding with Vida was their musical inspiration and what bands gave them their unique sound. Like we mentioned earlier, their main influence came from the bands they were brought up in the 90’s and how they put it as “quality music” which I’m sure we can all agree with. Their modern influence comes with bands such as DMA’S // Tame Impala and even goes back before the 90s to classic bands like The Beatles // The Rolling Stones. Their all-time favourite album as a band currently is “Urban Hymns” and reflects the music they produce. As put by Liam Gallagher in an interview with Esquire back in March 2010:

“I really despise this new fucking disease of indie fucking shit, fucking student music, the likes of Bloc Party and all that fucking nonsense. They don’t keep me awake at night, but it’s just shite, and they can fucking have it mate.” (That’s not to say we don’t like Bloc Party). One iconic question that is very popular in the Indie music community can be written in three words: NOEL OR LIAM? For a band which their music stems from the 90’s style, this was proven to be a tough question for them to answer. After consideration though, the band as a whole chose Noel due to “being the brain behind the music. He has written some of the best songs to come out of Britain, however, that’s not to say he’s any better. Liam has the vocals and his look is class”.

Vida, though, successfully preserve the quality 90’s music brought us whilst continuing to create new music their fans love consistently and are underrated. Upon asking them what their favourite song was from their album it was a hard choice:

“We all love playing the set we’ve got just now, we constantly change it up a bit to keep it fresh and make songs flow better, but Fade Away is always a favourite to play because it’s our first single and we get a good response from the crowd when we play it”.

Fade Away (the band’s debut single) and Where We Came From (their most recently released song) both have proved to be the band’s most popular work where you can really get hints of the style of Oasis // even Jake Bugg.

In terms of the band releasing new music, they have informed us: “We’ve got a couple tracks we’re working on just now so hopefully we’ll be in the studio soon, we’ve started playing them live at some gigs so if you get the chance to come see us, you can get a sneak preview”. They then contined to say that their most memorable moment came this year when performing their set at TRNSMT festival in Glasgow Green: “It was hands down the wildest crowd we’ve ever played to, the place was bouncing to every track and we were all loving it! Mosh pits, crowd surfers, just pure anarchy”. If this isn’t a reason to go see them in concert amongst them being great live and their music then you’re on the wrong website.

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Although these are the current tour dates for Vida, they have said that: “After September they’re hoping to get some more dates and get out playing gigs in towns, cities that they have never been to before and visit some of the ones we’ve not been back to in a while, so it should be a busy end to the year for us”. 

They have recently updated and got a new batch of band merch available on the website so if you get chance to check out their store and support a new talented upcoming band:

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  1. This band eat sleep dream and live for their music and definitely should be seen at the higher level Clever musicians who work night and day at being the best Their followers are increasing gig by gig Once you hear them you walk away with the tunes in you head

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