INHEAVEN have released their indie-rock, self-titled debut album

Baby’s alright now that INHEAVEN have released their indie-rock debut album

The roaring new album from INHEAVEN kicks off with hit single ‘Baby’s Alright‘ which instantly sent me back to May last year. I first witnessed  INHEAVEN perform at the Rainbow Courtyard in Birmingham as they supported Sundara Karma in a 200-capacity venue. Despite being somewhat ‘pickled’ I still have fond memories of screaming along to Baby’s Alright as, at the time, it was the only song of theirs that I knew. Following this incredible set I felt compelled to give them a further listen and discovered some incredible tracks from this highly undiscovered band such as ‘Regeneration‘ and ‘Bitter Town’.

Fast forward one year and the London four-piece, consisting of James (lead vocals), Chloe (bass/vocals), Jake (lead guitar) and Joe (drums), are headlining tours, playing huge festivals such as Truck and Reading & Leeds and releasing their debut album!

The album also features a personal favourite of mine, ‘Treats‘. This heavy electric track takes me back to March, this year. I had the privilege of watching INHEAVEN support Circa Waves at the O2 institute – a big step up from the Rainbow Courtyard. The energy from the crowd was phenomenal. Considering they were the support act, the mosh pits and crowd surfing was as good as for the main act. It could almost be said that the audience had gone to see INHEAVEN over Circa Waves and The Magic Gang.

INHEAVEN, the self-titled album also marks the premiere of some new tracks from the aforementioned band; ‘Real Love‘, ‘Do You Dream‘ and ‘Velvet’. Not to mention the recently released singles; ‘World On Fire‘ and ‘Stupid Things‘. As well as, featuring classic tracks such as ‘All There Is‘ and ‘Drift

This album is nothing but huge hit after huge hit. I expect nothing less other than for it to soar up the album chart and allow INHEAVEN to mark their stamp on the indie music scene – more so than they already have.

You can listen to the debut album on Spotify or download it on iTunes and other streaming sites.

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