Baby Strange at the Sunflower Lounge 21/09/17

I returned to the Sunflower Lounge, after my last visit to see Sugarthief headline the venue. This time, to witness the electric indie-punk rock group, Baby Strange.

The Birmingham gig was the eighth instalment of their UK tour after playing in venues across Scotland and the North. The three-piece effortlessly made the small, 140 capacity, room come to life.

I had the privilege of meeting frontman, Johnny, who was kind enough to take a picture with me (see below) and even receive a business card. So, fingers crossed that he and the band take time to see this review!

I discovered Baby Strange over a year ago when I came across their single, Pleasure City on Spotify discover. Ever since that moment I became enthralled by their music and vowed to see them live as soon as the opportunity arose. It’s safe to say they exceeded any expectations I had before the show.

Their set kicked off with their debut single, ‘Friend’. The song was released back in late 2013. Fast-forward four years and they’re playing it in front of thousands of fans across the country.

Following this was the first single off their latest EP – ‘Motormind’. This electrifying track really got the crowd going, moshing to every last beat. ‘Distance Yourself’, ‘Nude’ and ‘Want It Need It’, all tracks off their debut album – Want It Need It, continued the setlist. Scrap that. These tracks continued the carnage. The last time I saw that much energy from a crowd I was at The Key Club in Leeds watching VANT perform. There’s something about current punk rock that easily sets itself apart from any other genre in today’s industry and it’s personified by the band’s audiences. 

A personal favourite, ‘Bring Me Down’, followed shortly after. ‘Bring Me Down’ is another track off the latest EP – ‘Extended Play’. The setlist also include recent singles ‘Play Me’ and ‘Young Team’. Both of which, also feature on ‘Extended Play’. 

In amongst these hits, the Glaswegian band also returned to their debut album and performed some of our favourite tracks such as  ‘California Sun’, its B-side ‘Trouble’ and ‘VVV’.

Baby Strange’s set ended with what I believe to be two absolute bangers. However, I am somewhat bias as in that statement as I think every song they’ve released has been an absolute banger. Anyway. The penultimate track was none-other than ‘Pure Evil’. A song with so much energy it could power the room for a lifetime. And, of course, they ended on the highest-high possible, with the song that introduced me to the band – Pleasure City.

To summarise, what a show. Cheers to the lads for an incredible experience after what felt like a lifetime being away from the gig scene.

You can check out their latest EP – ‘Extended Play’, HERE.


Ross Carley.

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