Wolf Alice at HMV Birmingham (29/09/17)

So this blog post is going to be a bit different to the rest of mine. Today I travelled to Birmingham with our other writer, Paige, to meet Wolf Alice for their in-store album signing, following the release of their brand new album ‘Visions Of A Life’.

Upon arrival, we headed straight to HMV to pick up our pre-ordered copies of the aforementioned album. However, we managed to bump into our friends Jack, Jordi and Luke from Sugarthief. The Sugarthief lads had played at the Selfridges’ showcase earlier in the day. After a fun catch up and chat about music (as per), we left them to go and extend their ever-growing vinyl collection. In the spirit of doing so herself, Paige also bagged herself a copy of ‘Visions Of A Life’ on vinyl to go with the matching CD we’d previously purchased.

Now. A trip to Birmingham would be incomplete -in my eyes- without visiting Cow. For those of you that don’t know, Cow is an iconic vintage store set in a large yellow warehouse. If oversized jumpers, worn shoes and hideous shirts are your thing then I’d definitely urge you to head to cow!

If it wasn’t already obvious, you can’t visit – one of – your celebrity crushes (that goes for both me and Paige) on an empty stomach. So, we headed to Wagamama for a bite to eat. After indulging on fish, free green tea and Lucky Buddha beers, we were ready for the album signing.

We headed to the store and joined the queue which, thankfully, wasn’t too long. To top this, we even had priority entry with our HMV cards – bonus! 

So there we were, waiting in the queue, chatting away with the people behind us about Ellie Rowsell, The Last Shadow Puppets and more. The closer we got to the band, the more Paige began to shake with excitement. Okay, maybe I did a bit too.

Of course, the pictures taken of us was blurry. Why wouldn’t it be. But, that doesn’t change the fact that we met Wolf Alice! 

As for the album, what a beautiful piece of art that is. After conflicting opinions on some of the released singles such as ‘Yuk Foo’, the band really pulled it out of the bag with this one. Every song is different in its own right and each one contributes a vital part to the integrity of the album. Definitely worth buying. Even better now I have a signed copy.


Ross Carley

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