Pretty Vicious, Sound Control – Review

I’ve recently moved to Manchester and with it being one of the most musically influential cities in the country it was only a matter of time before I went to a gig! Thankfully, ‘Sound Control‘ is a fairly local venue. So after my six o’clock finish at uni, I quickly freshen up, and popped out to check out Pretty Vicious! And after a stressful week, it’s just what I needed! From the minute they got on stage the atmosphere was rip-roaring with families and teens alike singing along and plenty of moshpits! Made my Monday evening exciting, to say the least! There’s nothing better than letting off a bit of steam in a moshpit!

If you’re not familiar with the band. The welsh fourpiece, consists of; Brad, Elliot, Tom and Javis. They have a string of singles and an EP released such as ‘Blister‘,  ‘Cave Song EP‘, and ‘Are You Ready For Me.’ And if you sign up for their email listing you get information about coming tour dates and band news. You also receive a new single of theirs called ‘These Four Walls.’ Which we can only presume is from their debut album as they’ve recently been in the studio working away on that. So be sure to keep an eye out for that once more information is available!

As for the overall gig itself, I can’t sing the band’s praises high enough! They were enthusiastic, along with the crowd! Starting off with ‘It’s Always There‘, I could tell it was going to be a good night by how much the floorboards were bouncing. They played a healthy mixture of old and new – and the dedicated fans could be spotted from within the crowd as they were all aware of when to start a circle pit for the chorus’. I couldn’t have thought of a better venue to see them in other than a sweaty nightclub in the middle of town! With the likes of Sex Pistols and The Stooges as the influence, it’s easy to see the band come into some major success within the next upcoming months, and I can’t wait to be stood front and centre for it all! The setlist consisted of;

  • It’s Always There
  • Are You Ready For Me
  • Black Sheep
  • The World’s Not Enough
  • These Four Walls
  • Move
  • Lost In Lust
  • No One Understands
  • Skin
  • Down My Way
  • National Plastics
  • Cave Song
  • Are You Entertained?

I suppose the question is, would I see them again? And the answer is, without giving too much away, absolutely! With more material on its way and a solid atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with a band like this! Punk is very safe in the hands of Pretty Vicious! So be sure to catch them when they next announce a tour!

Alisha x

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