Superfood at Mama Roux’s (11/10/17)

(Pre-warning: extremely amateur photography in this post)

After getting lost on the back streets of Birmingham, by no-one else’s fault but my own, we finally found Mama Roux’s. Arguably one of my favourite venues for live music. This was my second visit to Mama Roux’s after previously seeing Black Honey perform there on their ‘Drive-In Theatre’ tour. (You’d think I’d know my way there, given I’ve already been once before).

The first band to take the stage was Spilt Milk Society. Having already heard good things about this band but not actually heard their music before, I was intent to really take in their music and appreciate it. Boy, was I right to do so. After the lead singer walked on stage in a fairy-lit fur coat, dripping in Oscar Pollock-like eccentricity. This band were throwing out Sundara Karma vibes left, right and centre and I am all for it. I will definitely be giving these guys a further listen.

Next up were another local band, Ivory Wave. I was excited for these guys after seeing them perform before with Sugarthief at the Sunflower Lounge. Described by our film editor, Paige, as Kasabian-esque. I couldn’t agree more. I feel like Ivory Wave are destined to make a real big impact on the Birmingham gig scene.

Of course, following the sublime support acts, were the highly-anticipated headliners, Superfood.

Without hesitation, they kicked off the set with ‘Where’s The Bass Amp?‘, which conveniently is also the first track off their latest album, ‘Bambino’. Followed shortly by the first single to be released off the new album, ‘Double Dutch‘.

Unfortunately, with Bambino being relatively new, I haven’t had much time to learn all the lyrics to sing along. However, with their next track, ‘You Can Believe‘, I was singing along to every last word as I battled for breath in the middle of the mosh pit. Shortly after was an unreleased single, ‘Bubbles’. I thought this would give me a breather, but little did I know the crowd were hardcore fans who knew every word, and before I knew it I was pulled back into the mosh.

Clo Park‘, the final track off their latest album was the next song off their setlist. The guitar solo sounding even more filthy and headbanger-worthy live, than it already does on the studio album. Closely followed by another newby, ‘Raindance‘.


As well as pushing some of the best tracks off their new album, the band still found time for some older hits, performing ‘TV‘ off the 2013 EP ‘MAM‘, and the single ‘Right On Satellite‘ – a personal favourite of mine.

The next song, ‘Need A Little Spider‘, was a highlight of the night for me as I was lifted up to crowd surf by a friendly stranger and my good friend, Tom.

Before heading off stage, prior to the encore, Superfood played two of their most popular new singles; ‘Unstoppable‘, which had the entire room bouncing to the beat in unison – truly an amazing experience. And, exiting with ‘I Can’t See‘.

After the inevitable pre-encore chant, the band came back on stage to the beat of intermission track, ‘Wibble Mtn‘. 

‘Natural Supersoul’ was the first of the two-track encore, of which I have a small video clip, filmed on my god-awful phone camera.

Despite my continuous plea, both on twitter and throughout the gig, the band didn’t play Mood Bomb. To which they replied…

Instead, the band ended with the first single they ever wrote. With the aptly titled name, ‘Superfood‘. Still, an incredible song.

After the gig we bumped into Ryan (lead guitarist) and Dom (vocals). Dom was kind enough to stop and chat with us and take a photo, despite Paige getting in my way.

We also spoke to Ryan, who I previously met on the streets of Leeds on the day of Live at Leeds festival. An encounter which Ryan also remembered, as he was trying to get into the VANT gig I’d just been to, to give a birthday cake to Mattie Vant.

I also begged that Superfood and Peace reform the super-group ‘Radical Lasagne’. Which, if you haven’t already heard, is definitely worth checking out on Youtube! The two were genuinely such lovely guys. I found it so nice that they were so willing to stop back and interact with fans in such a casual way.

Cheers for such a great night, Superfood.


Ross Carley x

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