On watching the elusive Little Comets

Little Comets at The Pigeon Detectives 27/10/17

Okay, so firstly, writing about my (enthralling) experience watching Little Comets at The Pigeon Detectives 10th anniversary gig may primarily come off undermining, nay, even rude; and don’t get me wrong The Pigeon Detectives were electrifying. But, I have never witnessed the pure brilliance in a live performance as the one the Comets served. 

Having casually listened to Little Comets for just over a year prior to this gig, I knew that I would enjoy their music even if they weren’t as polished at their recorded tracks. But, being a huge fan of Dirty Hit artists, I knew that they weren’t going to be shoddy. Quite honestly I have never been more excited about a live sound in my life. Closing my eyes, the harmonies were so tight, my skin got chills. And in case you’re wondering, Robert Cole’s voice was fucking faultless- identical to the recorded tracks. There were a few minor technical difficulties during ‘A Little Opus’, nothing that they couldn’t deal with though, and didn’t distract from the talent these guys have.  The thing is, even if they weren’t as tight on the harmonies, I would still hold them in the respects that they have to have produced some of the most intelligent phrases and lyrics that I have come across. Every song that I have listened to by them, I have been dumbfounded as to how anyone can conceive such highly intellectual phrases, especially through the medium of song- and make it sound so effortless too! I could quite honestly sit and ramble about how exquisitely envisioned every riff and trill is to every song but I’d be typing to my grave.

It must have been said before that they come across as some of the most personable, down to earth characters in their position- because they’re not a ‘small’ band by any means (and if you haven’t listened to their music you should probably get on it.)  But the little things make such a difference- the bassist, Matt Hall, manned the merch stand himself, allowing time for him to chat to fans and distribute t-shirts and CDs. Personally, this meant a lot to me because that kind of thing doesn’t happen usually and if anything, it made my fondness towards them a little stronger because I know that the band actually care about their fans.  And I won’t let it go unmentioned that I simply couldn’t be unhappy watching Nathan Greene performing. No one can. Period.


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Although, I always try not to watch a gig through my phone, I was a little whacked that my phone has been broken for over a week now, so I wasn’t able to snag a video of ‘Dancing song’ or even a quick pic. But actually I was quite relieved that I could just bop and enjoy the euphoric atmosphere they had conjured in the lovely venue which was the dramatics of the O2 Institute.  In that process, I realised my love for ‘Hunting’ and re-kindled my flame for ‘Common Things.’ A small part of me was hoping that they would serenade me with ‘Woman Woman’ but I think with supporting such  an explosive band as The Pigeon Detectives- I can let it slide. 

The night was such a bloody incredible event of which I came back happy, exhausted and dripping with sweat- feelings of which simulated Superfood two weeks before. What I will say is that it was a bit of a shame that The Clause, who opened the night, came across so arrogant to sit and smoke throughout the whole Little Comets set, who presumably got them the gig, unfortunately, I can’t recommend these guys. Nevertheless, this didn’t spoil my night and I couldn’t thank Little Comets and The Pigeon Detectives enough.

Question to the band: Why should he take specifically 37 digits and put them in her mobile phone? 

Paige Janey x



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