An exclusive interview with Hastings four-piece, Alibi

After witnessing their electrifying set – supporting Sugarthief at the Sunflower Lounge – Alibi began handing out free merch where I bagged myself a new tote. In return I handed them a business card and they kindly reached out to us and agreed to a small interview.

Alibi are a four-piece from Hastings consisting of front-man, Maxi Williams; lead guitarist, Matt Edwards; bassist, Benji Meacham; and Wesley Brown on drums.

I kicked off the interview with a little fun segment of ‘snog, marry, avoid’. 

Black Honey (Izzy Phillips), Wolf Alice (Ellie Rowsell) and Anteros (Laura Hayden)?

A: ‘Snog Wolf Alice, marry Black Honey and avoid Anteros (only because we haven’t really heard of them!)’

The three Haim sisters?

A: ‘MARRY, SNOG AND AVOID ALL THREE HAIM SISTERS IF POSSIBLE. Actually just avoid the bassist, her bass face is scary.’

And a Stranger Things editions – Nancy, a young Winona Ryder and Barb?

A: Snog Nancy, marry Winona Ryder and avoid Barb. We love Barb though. BARB4EVER. 


Moving onto the musical side of things…

After watching their performance at the Sunflower Lounge, I was curious to know, as a Brummy band, where (and what) they love to play.

A: ‘Our favourite venue has to be our most recent gig in Birmingham at the one and only Sunflower Lounge. We love playing a song called Animal Zone as it’s a new one but we also enjoy playing ones people can sing along too like Space, Man.’

As a performer, myself, I like to calm the nerves with a cheeky Corona before and during the set. Not so much a ritual rather than a bad habit.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

A: ‘We do a lot of cardio and drink plenty of home made smoothies along with a couple of Imodium tablets.’

Where did ‘Alibi’ come from?

A: ‘Alibi came from nowhere! It literally was said in conversation whilst trying to think of band names and rolled off the tongue nicely. The band formed through mutual friends. Started jamming together with a few song ideas and we just clicked.’

What do you see yourselves doing if you weren’t making music?

A: ‘Not much.. probably continue working our jobs and playing our instruments in our down time.’

Where do you hope to go with the band from here?

A: ‘We hope to continue to gig and release music people will enjoy. We’re still building a fan base slowly and surely!’

Who would you say are your musical influences? 

A: ‘The likes of Metronomy, Oasis, The Black Keys, The Libertines, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Black Honey.. the list is endless.’

Finally, a question we’ve asked before to the likes of Vida… Noel or Liam?

A: ‘Noel has always been our favourite as he’s the musical brains behind Oasis, but Liam has released a cracking album recently and is down to earth. So we’ll say Liam.’

I’d personally like to thank Alibi for taking time to answer these questions, and I’d massively urge all readers to check them out and support this grass-roots indie band!

Hit up their social media – links below!

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