All We Need and More?

With Liam Gallagher recently releasing his debut solo album – ‘As You Were.‘ And big brother Noel, only just releasing his third album – ‘Who Built The Moon?‘ It’s hard not to make comparisons between the two Gallaghers. Both are two of the most eagerly anticipated albums of this year. And rightly so! Both are incredible, but, for different reasons.

It’s no surprise that both Oasis and Noel fans alike will be divided when listening to ‘Who Built The Moon?‘ Noel had been working on the album for a little over four years, with the help of producer, David Holmes. Production had started between sessions whilst Gallagher had been working on his second album, ‘Chasing Yesterday.’ The album features collaborations from the likes of Paul Weller, Johnny Marr and Charlotte Courbe – the first person to ever play the scissors live on British television. And captures much more of a psychedelic-pop vibe rather than Noel’s usual alternative rock sound.

It had been seen on social media that some fans were worried that he’d taken this new project on and subsequently changed his sound (myself included). Rather than play it safe and stick to his acoustic arena classics, that he’s known and loved for. This album definitely has a heavier psychedelic-pop influence to it, but don’t let that put you off! The album still sounds like Noel, all the way from vocals through to his lyrics. On my second and third listen I finally started to ‘get’ the album itself and appreciate it for the original piece that it is, and appreciated how much of a risk Noel had taken putting it out there.

Granted, with him being in the business for years, I very much doubt that he’d just crumble and fail, only to disappear out of the limelight. But Noel never fails to deliver classics that continue to please generation after generation. I feel like some Oasis fans might not enjoy the album as much, as it doesn’t sound like ‘typical Noel’. Apart from a bonus track, ‘Dead In The Water‘, that has already proven to be a favourite amongst fans. The song was recorded off the cuff during a radio show over in Ireland and has to be one of Noel’s best song to date. But regardless of those who will like it or not, many will appreciate the fact that musicians have to change with the times to grow and survive. This album is definitely one of  Noel’s finest pieces of work.

Top five favourites from ‘Who Built The Moon?’

  1. Dead In The Water
  2. Be Careful What You Wish For
  3. The Man Who Built The Moon
  4. Keep On Reaching
  5. It’s A Beautiful World

And for those who are still seeking that, rock ‘n’ roll, Oasis shaped void, we have ‘As You Were.’ Despite it having a few more producers on the album such as Greg Kurstin, Dan Grech-Marguerat and Andrew Wyatt. And no influence from Noel whatsoever! Liam still managed to capture the classic Britpop sound that so many love and missed. And it’s what he does best! From his opener ‘Wall of Glass‘ to ‘Greedy Soul‘ and ‘You Better Run‘. Liam shows that he’s still got his swagger and vocal range that many had been questioning since he’d been away. With a definite inspiration from John Lennon in the likes of ‘Paper Crown‘, we hear Liam’s more vulnerable side that he’d never really shown to the public.

With ‘As You Were’ being released earlier than Noel’s album I can say that it hasn’t lost its charm just yet. Liam played it safe with the album and stuck to what he knows and it played off to his advantage. He still has the same attitude he had when he was in his early twenties when regarding performing and music in general, and I think that’s why the album did so well for him because it’s what the fans wanted.

Top five favourites from ‘As You Were.’

  1. Come Back To Me
  2. I’ve All I Need 
  3. Paper Crown
  4. Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
  5. Wall Of Glass

Only time can really tell how both albums will do, all I know is that having both Gallagher brothers back doing what they do best is all we need and more!

Alisha  X

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