Slave: New Single – The Marks Cartel

It’s not often that we get contacted by bands asking us to do reviews personally and it’s rarer that I actually write a review, but here it is.  A band called ‘The Marks Cartel’ came to us with their new single: Slave. We feel it has great potential and want to share it with you. As a fan of heavier music, this song combines the vocals of bands such as Pretty Vicious and Airways with an electric backing to the song. It is this combination of sounds which to me makes them unique and stand out to other existing indie-rock bands. They manage to combine and complement the lead singers voice with a heavy gritty guitar riff which works really well together.

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Despite releasing a handful of songs since 2015, the band was first formed back in 2013 and their most recent release demonstrates their developed sound which is just awesome. Although the single is out now on Spotify, it will be available on all other platforms as of the 3/2/18. As for the music video, well you’ll have to wait for that, but all I’m going to say it is going to be worth the wait. Although this band hasn’t really been discovered yet, don’t underestimate them! Amongst playing with bands such as VANT, Foals, Pretty Vicious and others, they have also appeared at multiple gigs and festivals.

Cameron Smith.


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