Why I’m Emo Again.

Can I just talk about what an icon Heather Baron-Gracie is? The 24 year old lead singer/ lyricist for Pale Waves just appeared out of nowhere and released an urge in me to relocate my darkest pigment of eyeliner and sleep in my Doc Martins. Being already a huge fan of The 1975 or Dirty Hit in general, Pale Waves reignited my love for Synth Pop and wearing black clothes- and it couldn’t have come at a better time. As the lead singer of my own band, I am constantly looking for strong front woman to influence and enhance my own performance. And the nonchalantly sexy Baron-Gracie’s powerful yet moody onstage persona is the strong look that’s taking over the indie culture and something that’s going to blow up in 2018.

Heather Baron-Gracie, via Instagram @ciaradoran 

My inner 2013 emo was screaming on Sunday as I attended my first ever Paramore concert. I wanted to be Hayley Williams when I was 13, with my atrocious red clip in extensions, and as it seems, nothing has changed, screaming the words to Misery Business with my best friend and 15,000 closeted emos. I actually adore Paramores retro indie vibe they curated for their 2017 album titled After Laughter. Paramore have been reinventing themselves for years, following the lead of queens of reinvention like Madonna and Beyonce. However, my heart lies with angsty Riotous Hayley and delving into the lyrics behind Hard Times and Fake Happy, I think hers does too. 

Hayley Williams, via instagram @yelyahwilliams

I actually do believe that 2017’s epidemic of edgy, angsty, indie kids is left to the soul accountability of Ellie Rowsell. Wolf Alice took the world so furiously by storm last year, when I thought they couldn’t be anymore insane, they announced their tour with Foo Fighters. Ellie is genuinely the epitome of femme power. If anyone has been lucky enough to see her perform, I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that woman has the power to hold the room in captivated awe. Her grungy  beautiful dolefulness delivers the painfully relatable lyrics as such an emotional experience for everyone involved. I will forever regard her as one of my most powerful influencers and make me rightfully proud to be a moody teenager for the rest of my career; or however long I can get away with it for, I guess.

Ellie Rowsell, via Instagram @jonowhite_

Paige Janey x

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