A ‘Clean’ Strike for Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy, also known as Sophie Allison, has recently released her full-length debut album ‘Clean.’ Starting out producing music and uploading it onto Bandcamp, the upcoming twenty-year-old indie singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, started getting noticed. Prior to the debut, Soccer Mommy had recorded two albums. ‘For Young Hearts‘ and ‘Collection.’ The debut album, however, starts as personal as if it were an extract from a diary, with ‘Stay Clean.’

The mellow opener tells a story of a romance, characterising the love interest as if they were an animal.  ‘In the summer, you said you loved me like an animal. Stayed beside, just enough to keep your belly full.’ Throughout the opener, we learn her bittersweet acceptance that the romance is coming to an end as is the changing of the seasons. With the lyrics ‘You were searching, I came to you and you said to me. That I’m not only what you wanted for a little while…

The next song is ‘Cool‘ which is a lot more upbeat compared to its predecessor. Still making comparisons to people’s actions as if they were animals, ‘Cool’ comes across more as one girl’s observations and jealousy towards another. ‘And she won’t ever love no boy.  She’ll treat you like a fucking toy. She’ll break your heart and steal your joy, like a criminal.’ Then continuing with ‘I wanna know like you, I wanna be that cool.’ Ending with distortion as if the song were getting slowed down, before transitioning into ‘Your Dog‘.

Credit – Shervin Lainez Photography

I don’t wanna be your fucking dog that you drag around. The collar on my neck, tied to a pole, leave me in the freezing cold.’ ‘Your Dog’ is one of my personal favourites off the album. Capturing the realisation that her love only wants her when it suits them, this song is a middle finger towards every person who has ever led someone on.

Only three songs into the album, it was at this point during my first initial listen that I couldn’t help but make a comparison between Soccer Mommy and ‘Lucy Rose.’ Which is a positive thing as both are incredibly talented! With hauntingly beautiful vocals and all too honest and a simplistic perspective on love, heartbreak and growing up. I was absolutely emersed and captivated during my first listen, and still am now.

My top five favourite songs from the album;

  1. Skin
  2. Your Dog
  3. Blossom (Wasting All My Time)
  4. Last Girl
  5. Wildflowers
    Every song on the album captures the rollercoaster and acceptance of growing up. Maintaining relatability and it’s honesty, ‘Clean’ is a stunning debut that is more than worthy of your time and attention. I couldn’t recommend an album enough and I have a feeling it could be one of, if not my favourite album to come out this year. Soccer Mommy is an upcoming artist that is destined for great things who I’m more than thankful for discovering.
    Alisha x

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