The Novus Grace Us With New Single, ‘Greyscale’

The very second the song kicks off I was smacked in the face with vibes that liken to ‘VVV’ by Baby Strange. The heavy drum beat and a catchy guitar riff that would make Carl Barât shudder. This song is arguably the lovechild of Muse’s ‘Uprising’ and, well, Muse’s ‘Uprising’.

‘Greyscale’ is the second single to be released by the Stourbridge quartet. Following their succesful debut, ‘Dive’, this is sure to set them on the map. 

With an ever-increasing raucous being made on the Birmingham music scene, this garage-rock revival group are sure to fit right in. With such a diverse market currently available, they still manage to form a sound that’s unique to the West Midlands.

Check out the song on the link below and be sure to follow these guys as they progress beyond this moment.

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