Music is For Everyone, But Not Always

In light of the release of the new Arctic Monkey’s album, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’, I have noticed a lot of harsh back lash to the Sheffield group’s new style of music. 

Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino - Arctic Monkeys, released 11/05/2018

Now, I’m not here to talk about the Arctic Monkey’s LP – as much as I personally love it. Focusing on the theme of our name, ‘Peace and Indiependence’,  I’m here to talk about music and who it’s for. While it’s fair to say that the new, experimental style isn’t to everyone’s taste, it’s important to remember that attacking supporters of the new wave isn’t in anyway productive for anyone.

Music is meant to be a safe-haven for all listeners. People listen to the music they enjoy to make themselves feel something, they lose themselves for a 3-minute period and that is something beautiful. Adding to the beauty of that, we’re also offered such a vast range of musical genres, from Pop Punk, to EDM, to Alternative, to Jazz, to Classical… the list is endless. This offers us all our own sense of independence and identity. It’s also not uncommon for people to share their musical preferences as a means of representing their own self-identity.

The point of all this is to say that, realistically, there is no such thing as bad music. The style of music may not be for you or it might be just your cup of tea. Feel free to share your love for whatever music you love and don’t disrespect others for having a differing opinion.

That being said, you are entitled to not like certain music, just remember that music is all love, there’s no time in this day and age for such negativity around something so special. Go to shows, buy some merch and keep supporting the music industry.

Peace and love x

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