Bedroom Boredom, Live Album Excitement

Following the success of their first two EP’s – 2016’s I Wouldn’t Worry and the more recent Reefs which the group released in mid-2017 – Bedroom / Boredom are back with a live album. Featuring “oldy but goldy” tracks such as ‘Ghost’ and ‘Lemon’, my personal favourite ‘Where’s Kelly?’ and their famed hit ‘Pill’. Not only this but the Surrey six-piece have treated us to a first-look at two new tracks.

Having been fortunate enough to see these lads play back in May, I was enamoured by the idea of being able to hear them live from the comfort of my bedroom. I feel the album perfectly captures the energy these guys have on stage and being able to hear the crowds’ response to every song adds a certain warmth to it all. Hearing such great music be appreciated for just how brilliant it is, especially with such a deserving band, is an incredible experience for everyone.


Bedroom Boredom at the Peace and Indiependence charity gig, 10/5/18 photo by Josie Richards

As for these two new tracks. Simply fantastic. Kickstarting their set with ‘Chilly’, a very anthemic song with an uplifting chorus similar to the part in ‘Shuteye’ where it builds up dramatically at the end. ‘Chilly’ is a brilliant example of the band’s ability to progress musically whilst still maintaining that special thing that’s instantly recognisable as Bedroom / Boredom. 

‘Youthless’ introduces new guitar effects and lyrical dynamics whilst boasting their trademark tremolo riffs and raspy vocals from front-man Dan Rimmer.

Be sure to follow Bedroom / Boredom on Spotify as wel as their other social medias and give the live record a spin below.


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