Paige Janey

I am Paige Janey, also from Shrewsbury- 18 n’ with a zest for art and moody music. I sing for the band, Echo Beach, groove on the bass and am a student at Liverpool Institution of Performing Arts; studying Acting. I joined the Peace and Indiependence team to give my feedback about film and tv that I am passionate about, potentially conversing about Shakespeare and theatre. Inspirations of mine would have to be Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightly (if crushes constitute influencers- party on.) 

Naturally, being so involved in Echo Beach, I have my musical influencers too, Wolf Alice and Catfish and the Bottlemen being particularly prominent. Despite this, I was brought up on Jay Z and Biggie Smalls, I guess you can go figure…

As my desert island disc I think I would 100% turn to Songs about Jane by Maroon 5 as it has to be one of the greatest conceived album from start to finish, of all time. I would have liked to have said My Love is Cool by Wolf Alice, however, I love both their albums and all of the EP’s too much, frankly, I’d read Ellie Rowsells’ grocery list.